Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pronghorn Hunt II

Wow what a night at work and I still have two hours to go. It looks to be calming down and I have been reading a Book to help me learn to Navigate by Map and compass In all my years in the woods and on the river I have never used a Map and Compass together and heck I did not know where to start. The book (Land Navigation Handbook) is pretty cool it gets confusing on a few occasions but that’s expected when I am dealing with something I have never even dealt with. I think the biggest thing that will help me is to get out and practice what I have learned. I am hoping to take Daniel to the park today and we can practice a little bit of what I have learned. I have been in contact with a Fellow Ifish member that is going to get me some maps of the area I plan on hunting for Pronghorn it is east of Prineville in an area called Big Summit Meadows. I also plan on looking into a few other places in the next few weeks. As from what hear it gets pretty crowded in the big summit area. My goal is to at least make it over to scout at least three times before the season starts. But that all depends on Joyce and my Finial situation as money can get tight and having to pick up odds and ends for the hunt money may be tight. Only Time and pay checks will tell. Well that’s enough for now till next time God Bless rp


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