Friday, June 23, 2006

Pronghorn hunt IIII

I know what else can I ramble on about tonight is a slow night so I thought I might just ramble on a little more about this book I purchased to help with Land navigation it is published by the Serria Club while I do not agree with a lot of there stances in life they do make a good book. it breaks it down into a simple term that makes even an idiot like me understand it. I wish it would deluge more into Declination due to living in Oregon and having such a difference from what I understand it is something like 15% difference between actual north and Magnetic north in the area I plan to hunt. it will defiantly be great to get out and put the things i have learned to work. I think I am going to get the exact declination for the area I am in and grid it out on to the map so as I do not have to be in the woods and have to do math cause if any of you know me from school that is not going to happen hahaha. Well I am off to do some work I know shocking later rp


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