Friday, June 30, 2006

Pronghorn Hunt VII

So Saturday we are going to drive over and do some scouting I have gathered all my info and now it is time to see if I can find some Pronghorn. We will be leaving Dons house early I plan on getting off work at 3:30am or so due to me having to come and spend two hours in a meeting during the day today so I have some extra time to pull out a little early I plan on picking up Don and then going right over the mountain to my Uncle Randy’s and we will poor over the maps and make a game plan no where to go for the day. There is a lot more to this pronghorn hunting then I had planed Will I be up for the challenge I hope so only time in the hills will tell. I trust the Lord will give me a great hunt. Well that’s it for now hopefully next time I will have some pics to show of out trip and a report. rp


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