Friday, July 07, 2006

Pronghorn Scouting Report

We Saturday Don and I drove over and met up with my uncle randy and went scouting right off the bad the Ochoco unit is full of deer I have not seen so many deer in my life wow it is awesome. Any way once we got past Paulina we seen a herd of about 5 on some privet land we drove on some more and found a small herd of 3 doe's just at the top of the hill so this is once place we will look into more we drove on for hours and did not see a lone pronghorn for a while just as we dropped out of the timber into the sage flats we seen a lone buck out about 200 yards it looked to be a nice but. The weekend of the 15th I am going to scout this area more as it looked very promising.
We checked out the Peterson point area and did not see a pronghorn it does look like great deer and elk country through. Maybe some other year. We got into the big summit meadow area and spotted a herd about a mile off the road in a big sage brush meadow it was my turn to have some fun I had Randy park the truck and I put the sneak on I went up a dry creek bed and popped up about 500 yards from the herd at that point I could see two nice bucks so I went from tree to tree till I got within 200 yards of the herd it was awesome if I can repeat this during the season I will have my pronghorn dead at my feet will have to wait to see. I think the pronghorn can read the synopsis and know when the season starts who knows Aug. 12 could roll around and I will not see another animal at this point it is all up to God. Well till next time Rp


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