Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekend two

Well weekend two started at 2am when Inpursuit and I met up at Sportsmans warehouse where we took off for the Ochoco’s. We arrived at about 5am working out way from prineville to Paulina. We had one of the most amazing encounters we were driving a few miles past the LS ranch and seen a bull elk crossing the road so we stop and are looking at him when we started to hear some cows off in the field behind up se start to glass for them to see the herd and we did not see them in the field so we look on the hill side and at first did not see anything. The Gary tells me just look in one spot on the side of the hill and you will see them the whole hillside is moving so I did and there was 100 to 120 elk just walking along the hillside it looks like the whole hillside was moving. This is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.So we make it up into the mountains and start our hunt we got out and glassed and walked around the area where we had seen but Big boy the day before the season opened and did not see anything but a lot of Deer and Elk crap it was pretty cool. So we moved on up to the timber and did not see any pronghorn. We spotted out first flock of many turkeys for the day and wow the Ochoco’s have a lot of Turkeys I know where I am going hunting next spring. Then as we are driving we see something I have never seen before in the wild a Bobcat he just sauntered over to the brush and let us sit and glass take video and pictures of him for like five minutes till he got sick of us. This little bad boy is lucky he was not in season haha but needless to say it is pretty awesome to see one over there. We drove to a few spots got out and glassed them really good and did not see anything so we went to town to pick a few locals minds and then sent us over to talk to Jordan Ingersol. He glaucously took us out and showed us spots where he know there to be pronghorn in the past week and alas we did not see anything it was kinda sickening knowing they were there and we just could not find them dang things ohh well there is always next time. I have to thank Gary for going over with me I had a blast thanks for taking your truck over it saved us a lot of walking. This was the best season I have ever hunt even if I came home empty handed I seen more deer and elk then I have seen anyplace I am pumped and ready to go for Deer season bring it on! Also thank you to everyone on ifish who kicked down some info to me you all made it a lot easier thank you! This is what Ifish is all about Ohh Does anyone know the recipe for Tag Soup cause this is one expensive piece of paper I have sitting here! Hahah rp


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